— as a population expands, it’s also edging toward a genetic crisis, and the larger the population gets, the harder it will be to avert. m1296 is descended from a fantastically successful matriarch called af521, “a” for alpha. his mate is, too. their story is typical. in fact, biologists know of only one breeding female in the wild that isn’t related to af521. wolves shouldn’t sleep with their relatives for the same reason people shouldn’t. inbreeding can cause dangerous disorders, depress fertility, and even make small populations more vulnerable to extinction. a birth on april 2 at the missouri centre, collaborating with…


— if he has his way, paul allen will have 90,000 square miles of african territory covered with smart sensors and drones by the end of this year to bring hyper-connectivity to africa’s remotest, most wildlife-packed corners. it’s the biggest conservation tech project to date read article : paul allen goes digital to save the world’s most-endangered animals


— aside from simply killing animals, dogs can harm wildlife in other ways, such as by spreading disease, interbreeding with other canids, competing for resources such as food or shelter, and causing disturbances by chasing or harassment. part of the problem is that when wild animals perceive dogs as a threat, they may change their behaviour to avoid them. read article : domestic dogs threaten endangered species worldwide


the goal is to save as many species as possible—even if it means calling it quits for some. “there’s a level of discomfort with this, but we have to face hard choices,” she says. read article : it’s time to let certain animals go extinct


— giraffes have suffered from loss of habitat, disease and illegal hunting for bushmeat. but the petitioners argue that the species is facing added pressure from “trophy” hunters who travel to africa to shoot their big-game quarry. these hunters overwhelmingly come from the us. read article :  giraffes should be listed as endangered species as population drops by 40% more : giraffes must be listed as endangered, conservationists formally tell US


— “this is a global challenge that can only be tackled through collective, international action.” read article : illegal wildlife trade threatens species at unesco sites


— “you cannot really mimic the behaviour of wild whales in a concrete pool.” not every researcher is in agreement. read article : cetacean scientists say aquarium decision ‘banning research’ crucial to endangered animals


— it was a remarkable accomplishment with a lot of luck associated with it. it made me feel extremely good to help restore a part of the natural world that had been taken away from southwest colorado.” read article :  animals on the edge


— “i hope that this birth will help us highlight the plight of orangutans in the wild and that with the support of the public we can continue to work to ensure a better future for this precious species” read article : three-day old endangered bornean orangutan is cradled by watchful mother


— as it turns out, biodiversity protects against climate change and helps ensure a stable food supply. and those both have economic benefits that in some cases dwarf the value of developing land. read article : how the endangered species act helps save humans, too


— the team have catalogued all the unused public land where they could potentially plant the flowers and grasses. the list includes not only the rarely frequented corners of parks, golf courses, and the local airport, but also sewage ditches, water retention basins, and roadway right-of-ways read article : a small city in iowa is devoting 1,000 acres of land to america’s vanishing bees