— maintaining the infrastructure on the border right now raises environmental concerns. if you then add on to that infrastructure a major wall and more pervasive maintenance operations into perpetuity, those concerns are going to be even greater read : wall likely to adversely impact endangered species freedom of information act :


— “the data are unequivocal. we are undergoing a steady and continuing deterioration in the status of the world’s birds,” tris allinson, birdlife’s senior global science officer and editor-in-chief of the report, said in a statement. “the threats driving the avian extinction crisis are many and varied, but invariably of humanity’s making.” read : study finds one in eight bird species threatened with extinction read study :


— this is not meant to replace the lost species, but can be used to tell a powerful story about mankind’s impact on fragile desert environments. read : endangered species find safe harbor at springs preserve  


  — studies have suggested that 3,000 bison is a reasonable target to ensure a population’s survival, and that the study would seem to argue each of yellowstone’s herds should have 3,000 or more bison. read : court asks feds to review decision to reject ESA protections for yellowstone bison


— on january 22 2018, the eastern cougar subspecies was officially declared extinct in the u.s. and removed from the endangered species listby the u.s. fish and wildlife service. read : eastern cougars declared extinct—but that might not be bad


PRAYER OF PRAYERS For the Water Protectors at Standing Rock The leaves hang on into mid-November oak, alder, locust— each one a prayer flag singing aloud— scarlet, cinnamon, gold rippling with wind’s rough caress. Every acorn, every hickory nut, a tobacco tie hung in the trees; they call out to us come harvest your prayers. Soon a blanket of prayers will cover the earth and the trees will stand like prayer poles dressed in feathers— gifts from blue jay, eagle, hummingbird, meadowlark. The planet prays for us, for itself; the planet sings for November’s endurance, weaves a nest for our…


— on oct. 19 2017, republicans made significant headway to allow drilling in the arctic national wildlife refuge read high country news more : scientific america 


— the stingray bot is about the size of a penny and its light-sensitive heart cells prompts its fins to flutter when stimulated with light. parker says the bot’s light-following aspect was inspired by how he used to guide his own daughter down a path using a laser pointer, which she tries to stomp on. watch video : artificial human heart may just be possible thanks to this silicon stingray more : the abandoned biobot


— it’s spectacular cowardice on the part of the fish and wildlife service, who don’t have the courage to do what they are charged with doing, which is to evaluate the scientific evidence, and not kowtow to undue political pressure.” read : interior dept. rejects 25 endangered species petitions, including several linked to climate change more : ‘i’iwi of hawaii


— a survey of the world’s botanic gardens show that the institutions hold about one third of the plant species identified by humans so far and breed about 40 percent of endangered species. read : smithsonian more : science daily 


— the illusory space refers to the dark interior of a hive and the light column refers to the central significance to the bees of gravity and the position of the sun. read : this monument to the humble honeybee bears a stark warning